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global issues, local solutions

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// SEPT. 4, 2014
Global issues, local solutions, global inspiration
Redefining system complexities


Leadership through inspiration


Awareness opens us up to new realities that we did not perceive before. It changes our way of addressing our life, professionality and interaction with others. Leadership awakens inside.




Global issues, local solutions

We should not focus on the problems but adapt to the new circumstances with sustainable human progress in mind. Global issues demand local solutions through innovative change.



Knowledge only matters when used "properly"


"In the word "properly" there is a modern paradigm shift" (J.P. Close). STIR provides insight in the 4 paradigms of the universe through practical examples. Awareness is the binding factor to achieve harmony.

Knowledge should be free


Application of knowledge is a purpose driven effort that should result in progressive values. We invest our efforts and share our results. If knowledge is kept away from progress, progress will disappear.

Internet & personal interaction

"If sustainable progress is not added to the policies, it will remain limited to conferences" (Isha). Bookshelves, newspapers and conferences are filled but change only happens when responsibility is taken. We interact worldwide via internet, we apply local. 

Local solutions, global application

Changing the human system's complexity starts with individuals. If you change throuigh awareness then the world has already changed. Connecting with others we change the systems too. Inspire and be inspired with best practice and results and let awareness do the rest



// EST. 2009

the inspiring world of applied human awareness

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